Our Wise Food Products.

We offer preparation for life’s unforeseen events with your family in mind. Each of our products has been developed to provide relief to individuals and families during times of crisis. Our business and our products are founded upon the idea of being the value leader. To be a value leader we produce our products with equal attention to both quality and price.


The vast majority of first aid kits sold in today’s market may be acceptable for the day-to-day bumps and scrapes however, in the event of a major disaster, these kits would be insufficient and inadequate.

911 Foods offers complete first aid kits with diverse purpose. Our kits range from basic outdoor kits to advanced emergency supply kits. While these kits do not take the place of medical care, they can treat a multitude of minor injuries or help stabilize an individual until emergency personnel arrives.

If you’re a camper, hiker, hunter, or disaster prepper, you’ll want an emergency first aid kit capable of handling multiple injuries, lacerations, burns, poison ivy, and more!


Your next camping trip, or rock climbing excursion doesn’t have to be meal planning chore. 911 Foods offers everyday foods, in small portion pouches, for quick and convenient meals. No more grocery lists, or concern about prepping certain items before hand. Let us minimize the hassles of your next adventure so you can simply embrace your wanderlust!

Our Filters and Purifiers

This systems have become the leader in home water purification. They clearly surpass other water filter methods in their ability to remove viruses and harmful contaminants. We offers options to fit every family size and budget. In addition, since these systems are free-standing, they fit easily in most kitchens or adjacent living areas.


Healthy Living starts with clean water. 911Foods Purifiers can help.


“Be Ready!” With a 911Foods purification system.


911Foods Purifiers – providing your family the best water possible.

About Us

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  • Easy Preparation

    We offer product lines that only requires water to re-hydrate and eat.

  • Economical

    Provides purification systems are the most economical water purification system you can own.

  • Convenient & Portable

    Systems are easy to assemble and operate without tools, electricity, water pressure or plumbing.